Trouble Spot: Entering the Freeway/Interstate — Avoid a Crash, Pay Attention!!!

Ok, peeps, here’s the thing… When you are entering the freeway/interstate, you need to PAY ATTENTION to the traffic you are attempting to merge into! So many of you only look once you are at the end of the ramp and that is much too late.

You are putting all your trust into the vehicles already on the roadway. Do you understand how dangerous, stupid and foolish that is? Worse — you’re doing this in front of 80 THOUSAND POUND trucks! Do you treasure your life? Do you treasure your family? If you do? Put down the phone. Pay attention. Do not put your blind faith in others to move for you.

I am not perfect, but I consider myself a professional driver. That is why I am looking for you, when you are NOT looking for me. I am cutting my speed when I sense you are not paying attention. Most are not paying attention. Sometimes I cannot move over and my blood pressure goes up, because I am watching for when you will finally see my 80K truck. Some of you never see me!? Some of you just cut in front of me?! Do you understand I desperately do not want to kill you and your family? Why don’t YOU not want to kill you and your family? Why are you putting all this responsibility on ME?

This is a pretty simple example, the kind that happens 100 times per day in a truck driver’s life. This car forced the truck to slow down some, and then took off. You might look at it and think, what’s the big deal? Well, what if the truck didn’t slow down??? What if the truck wasn’t paying attention to the car, that definitely was NOT paying attention? There may well have been a nasty crash.

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