Protect Truckers Through Covid 19 Petition

Truckers pretty much got left out in the cold in the Covid legislation that has passed this far.

Would you please help? Please click the image or the link . Your shares are deeply appreciated.

Truckers don’t want pity or handouts. We do deserve some protections. Somehow the CARE act was able to come up with millions for programs that have nothing to do with Covid.

We will keep bringing you the things you want and need, because.. that’s what we do. That’s how we earn our paycheck. Some will say that’s what we signed up for. This trucker personally did not sign up for trucking in a worldwide contagion, but it’s my job and I’ll do it.

The truth is, we are at risk. We are in and out of the hotspots. We are in and out of countless truckstops, where the travelling public also go. We are in and out of warehouses and rest areas. We use public bathrooms all over this country. Sure, we are quite solitary when driving, but we cannot stay in a 10 square foot space 24 hours a day — I mean, we come out sometimes lol. We use public showers at truckstops. We are at extra risk of getting sick and we are also at risk of being spreaders.

Some of us are going to get sick, or at least test positive. That’s just a matter of time and is in fact, is a ticking time bomb. That is not alarmist talk, it is just reality. We are not superhuman, in spite of the garbage we eat. It may well be that drivers whose freight slowed or stopped altogether will pick up the slack for those who are out of commission for a time. No one knows and no one can tell you.

What I CAN tell you is that a whole lot of truckers, right now, are rolling down the road, delivering loads. They’re doing it to earn a paycheck, yes, of course.. but they’re also doing it while they worry about the world. Some more than others. Worry about the loved one(s) at home. Worry about bringing something home to loved ones. You see that big truck rolling and it is probably hard to imagine there is a human soul in there, with fears, concerns and a family.

Be well and God Bless.

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