Welcome to my blog and site…

I am an OTR truck driver and this blog will be about what I see on the road – stupidity from cars and trucks alike. It will be about what I think about the trucking industry. It will be about what I live with and live through. It will include scathing comments about mega carriers, mega truckstops, horrible truck driver training programs, industry officials, idiotic government limitations and restrictions. Nothing will be held back.

People need to answer for themselves. If you can see license plates, company names, DOT numbers, etc, in the pics and vids — too bad. In fact, if they don’t show and I know the information, I’ll post it. I’m tired of drivers that endanger my life on a daily basis – cars and trucks alike. You don’t deserve protection of privacy.

I am not perfect and I make mistakes, too. I fully expect that someone, someday, may very well post me on a video somewhere. Fine by me. I am careful each and every day. I want everyone to go home to their loved ones. I am infuriated by those who do not have this very basic, human desire. For those that are dangerous and selfish, I will post your business every chance I get and share it as far and wide as I can.