Shoulder: Jerks That Won’t Move Over

Is it so hard in the middle of the Nevada desert, to move over for a broken down vehicle? Is that just asking too much of some of you window licking idiots?

Too Special to Move Over for Cops

This is a violation of the law in many, if not most, states now. This truck made no effort whatsoever to move over. The car was past him by the time he reached the cop. Even if it wasn’t, he could’ve slowed down and easily moved over.

TRY to MOVE OVER for vehicles on the side of the road!

Indianapolis Massacre

Here we go again. Indianapolis, IN 14 July 2019. Truck plows into traffic and kills several. Speeding in construction zone.

On the company’s CSA record, it shows the same tractor plate number being cited twice in the past (May 2019, July 2019) for following distance. Is this the same driver? I’d say chances are excellent, considering they only have 23 trucks. Once the CSA is updated, we will know if it was the same truck. That does not necessarily indicate it was the same driver, just presents a high probability. Only law enforcement knows that but it will be interesting to find out.

Weston Transportation, DOT # 453243

Left Lane Pig Pushes Car to Shoulder

So this truck driver pigs the left lane for far too long and then, when the car is understandably sick of it, he decides to move over without looking. The car is forced to take the shoulder and appears to nearly wreck.

The vid was fast forwarded for a time while the truck was in the left lane because it was boring so it may appear he wasn’t there long. He was. Far too long.

I-70 Colorado Crash 29 Apr 2019

It’s surprising this hasn’t happened long before now. Our system is, and has been, seriously broken in the trucking industry for some time.

What a maddening, horrible, awful and completely foreseeable thing this was.

Driver: Rogel Lazaro Aguilera-Mederos, a 23 year old Cuban in the United States on a visa, with a valid CDL and a limited grasp of the English language.

Carrier he was driving for: Castellano 03 Trucking LLC U.S. DOT# 3029296

12010 Fork Creek Dr., Houston, TX
(346) 206-2941


Name:  Yaimy Galan

CSA Profile for Castellano 03 Trucking LLC

Vehicle Maintenance on CSA

(Possible) plate # R375344 VIN – 1FUJBBCG74LM405242004 – 2004 FreightlinerST120 (This is one of the carrier’s trucks; whether it was the one involved is still in question.) This plate received the following tickets:

This is the registration address of the Castellano 03 trucking company:


Original dashcam of driver missing runaway ramp: