Welcome to my blog and site…

I am an OTR truck driver and this blog will be about what I see on the road – stupidity from cars and trucks alike. It will be about what I think about the trucking industry. It will be about what I live with and live through. It will include scathing comments about mega carriers, mega truckstops, horrible truck driver training programs, industry officials, idiotic government limitations and restrictions. Nothing will be held back.

People need to answer for themselves. If you can see license plates, company names, DOT numbers, etc, in the pics and vids — too bad. In fact, if they don’t show and I know the information, I’ll post it. I’m tired of drivers that endanger my life on a daily basis – cars and trucks alike. You don’t deserve protection of privacy.

I am not perfect and I make mistakes, too. I fully expect that someone, someday, may very well post me on a video somewhere. Fine by me. I am careful each and every day. I want everyone to go home to their loved ones. I am infuriated by those who do not have this very basic, human desire. For those that are dangerous and selfish, I will post your business every chance I get and share it as far and wide as I can.

Please Give Trucks Space!!!

Motorists, please. Do you understand that your car weighs, maybe, 2 thousand pounds, and you’re cutting in front of large trucks possibly weighing 80 THOUSAND pounds?

This particular motorist thought they should cut in front of my truck, providing a very paltry and pathetic 2 second following distance and then slowing down 4-5 MPH.

This happens about 10-20 times per driving shift. No kidding. It really does.

If I wasn’t paying attention and adjusting accordingly, they’d be squashed into oatmeal.

YOU ARE SEVERELY LIMITING MY CHOICES WHEN YOU CUT IN FRONT AND WORSE, SLOW DOWN. In this particular video, it is flat terrain and it is easy for me to slow down. It is annoying, yes, but it is easy and I will do that because I don’t want to hit you. I don’t want to kill you and your family.

But stop and think please! If I wasn’t paying attention, if I was an unskilled driver (of which there are MANY – you’d be horrified to know just how many!), if I was tired, distracted, if I were descending a mountain, etc.. — you could easily be RUN OVER. My 80K vs your 2K. Dead, dead, dead. Please don’t make me make you dead! That’s my worst nightmare as a truck driver, but let’s be honest — if it comes down to my life vs yours… I’m not sure if I’m a good enough human to choose your life over my own and the souls in my truck, especially when you’re driving like an idiot. I want to live! I don’t want to sacrifice because you drive selfishly and stupidly. I don’t want to die for that!!!

The odds, however, are most definitely on my side. I’ll smash you to smithereens unless I purposefully choose to take a median, ditch, etc and risk killing my husband and dogs, all of which I love with all my heart… and well, I don’t know you, so…. Will I risk them to save YOUR life? Especially when you are not paying attention and driving like a fool?Do you really want to find out? Truthfully, I don’t know that answer and I won’t until it happens.

I hope for both of our sakes that it never does.

Trouble Spot: Entering the Freeway/Interstate — Avoid a Crash, Pay Attention!!!

Ok, peeps, here’s the thing… When you are entering the freeway/interstate, you need to PAY ATTENTION to the traffic you are attempting to merge into! So many of you only look once you are at the end of the ramp and that is much too late.

You are putting all your trust into the vehicles already on the roadway. Do you understand how dangerous, stupid and foolish that is? Worse — you’re doing this in front of 80 THOUSAND POUND trucks! Do you treasure your life? Do you treasure your family? If you do? Put down the phone. Pay attention. Do not put your blind faith in others to move for you.

I am not perfect, but I consider myself a professional driver. That is why I am looking for you, when you are NOT looking for me. I am cutting my speed when I sense you are not paying attention. Most are not paying attention. Sometimes I cannot move over and my blood pressure goes up, because I am watching for when you will finally see my 80K truck. Some of you never see me!? Some of you just cut in front of me?! Do you understand I desperately do not want to kill you and your family? Why don’t YOU not want to kill you and your family? Why are you putting all this responsibility on ME?

This is a pretty simple example, the kind that happens 100 times per day in a truck driver’s life. This car forced the truck to slow down some, and then took off. You might look at it and think, what’s the big deal? Well, what if the truck didn’t slow down??? What if the truck wasn’t paying attention to the car, that definitely was NOT paying attention? There may well have been a nasty crash.

Indianapolis Massacre

Here we go again. Indianapolis, IN 14 July 2019. Truck plows into traffic and kills several. Speeding in construction zone.

On the company’s CSA record, it shows the same tractor plate number being cited twice in the past (May 2019, July 2019) for following distance. Is this the same driver? I’d say chances are excellent, considering they only have 23 trucks. Once the CSA is updated, we will know if it was the same truck. That does not necessarily indicate it was the same driver, just presents a high probability. Only law enforcement knows that but it will be interesting to find out.

Weston Transportation, DOT # 453243


Crisis in Trucking – Foreign Drivers

There is a crisis in the trucking industry that practically no one will speak of, surely in fear of being labelled “racist.” Well, I have no such fear, so I’m going to tell it to you as I see it and live it every single day.

Trucking is being completely overwhelmed with foreigners. Foreigners from lands that do not speak our language, do not know our road signs, do not understand, nor care, about our laws. They seem to have no interest in learning any of these things.

Long held “traditions” of proper truck driver etiquette are completely lost on these people. They wouldn’t care even if they did know of them.

To be fair, new drivers are not taught a great many things and often behave in the same manner, but the difference tends to be that newer American drivers seem to have some semblance of desire to “fit in” with their American counterparts.

The foreigners tend to form their own companies and hire their own people. They speak their native tongue and are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to communicate with.

Foreign drivers are the worst examples when it comes to backing and parking. They just cannot seem to carry out the simplest of these tasks. They tie up the fuel lines worse than others by leaving their trucks for long periods of times. They’ll be more likely than others to park blocking others in. If a truck is sitting on the CAT scale without a driver, 99% of the time, it is a foreign driver who has walked inside and left it there.

When it comes to driving, it’s worse. They’ll pass on the right. They’ll pull off shoulders onto the freeway/interstate into full speed traffic without a care. They’ll ignore construction signs that advise which lane is closed, and try to race other trucks to the lane closing – or perhaps they never read the sign at all. They’ll drive excessively slow. They’ll enter the interstate at slow speeds with no regard to traffic. The list of the dangerous tendencies could go on and on.

Foreign drivers are, quite simply and without any question, the most dangerous drivers on the road. They have, in large part, completely ruined this industry.

BUT, let’s look at a bigger picture — and that’s the industry itself. These dangerous individuals wouldn’t have jobs if it weren’t for demand. Not enough Americans want this job of OTR driver. Capitalism drives demand and since we live in a democratic society, this is what we have.

There is also the aspect of truck driving schools, community colleges and company training programs. They are sending massive numbers of these foreigners into the trucking industry. Schools make their money off the backs of foreigners wishing to get into an industry in the USA that’ll make money for them and their families. Even community colleges, who we would think would be neutral, are into the $$ numbers game – they have to pass enough students through to keep their programs viable. Carriers just want to put meat in their seats. None of these (prove me wrong — email me) take the time to actually teach these foreigners more than the basics — and the foreigners need more than basics. They’re foreigners. They typically do not understand many things about our road systems. Many of them have not so much as driven a car in the USA for any length of time, yet there they are, in truck driving class. No school or college (prove me wrong — email me) seem bothered by this. They need additional information, guidance and training that they do not get. Many barely get through the written DOT tests and do so by memorization and repetition, rather than comprehension. The same often goes for these people passing the physical DOT testing to get their Class A. But, once they’ve managed to do so, the schools and colleges are finished with them and they’re on the roads with the rest of us.

This would perhaps be the logical place to discuss 3rd party DOT testing; ie, the testing of people administered by state-trained folks, rather than DOT officials. Many states have adopted this, and it can work, however, it also opens a door to fraud.

We must also look at enforcement. Right in the DOT regs it states a driver must be able to communicate in English and this is most definitely NOT enforced. Bad to law enforcement – YOU are NOT doing your job here. The Federal Government is failing miserably, and we need to ask why. Are you in bed with big carriers? What is your problem with enforcing these regs? You are quite fond of enforcing plenty of other regs, many of them entirely stupid and useless — yet not this reg.